Process simulation is the most effective way to discover potentials of improvement

Business Area - Pulp Cooking

Batch cooking process is well tuned, optimized and most probably in good conditions in many mills. But there is still significant improvement potential in terms of minimize production and quality lost during difficult situations in digester house (digester lowing, equalization of steam consumption, digester sequence during one digester off and so on.)      

The sequence program responsible for digester house production cannot be tested and tuned on running department. The effective way is to control virtual digester house. The control response on mostly all difficult scenarios can safety tested and tuned using simulation.   

The functionality of “Digester House Sequencing Program” can be tested and tuned with help of “Virtual Digester House”

The user of virtual digester house can simulate all dangerous conditions disturbing sequencing of particular digester and observe reaction of control program. The virtual digester house is composed of individual digesters simulating cooling process influenced by wood moisture, concentration of cooking chemicals, steam pressure and other relevant process variables and process constrains. Several criteria are important to evaluate control program results: Delignification (kappa), steam, uniformity of steam consumption and, of course, availability of resources like free empting line and enough space in blowing tank. This approach makes Sequencing program ready to solve also difficult conditions in digester house.