Process simulation is the most effective way to discover potentials of improvement

Business Areas

The mathematical description of processes in the pulp and paper industry is public knowledge. But these models are mostly isolated. Our simulation links all separate physical models together in one virtual process.

The separate control loops in the mills are connected mainly with mass and energy flows only. This is the reason for long reaction time. The simulation connects all these control loops to virtual process and enables complex instantaneous reaction on disturbances in the production without dwelling time always in right way and proper intensity.

The simulation significantly increases the quality of process control, improves the sustainability of the product quality and standardizes the processes flow. This automatically leads to the reduction of both specific energy and process chemicals consumption and at the same time increasing production.

The simulation was used as tool for process analysis and testing equioment for veasibility and limits of the control algorithm in following areas

  • Pulp drying

  • Paper drying

  • Paper coating

  • Batch cooking

  • Mill waste water