Process simulation is the most effective way to discover potentials of improvement

Save on Energy

Energy cost of paper drying can be easily reduced!

3 years research project performed by TU Graz supported by CF Consulting Fisera (nowadays CF ProcSim GmbH) was focused on energy saving at 4 Paper Machines.

All significant mass and energy flows were analyzed. The technical parameters of equipment were subject to the analytical analysis using virtual drying process. High potential of saving up to 6% was found in following areas:

  • Waste heat recuperation
  • Steam and condensate system
  • Machine hood air circulation
  • High efficiency hood
  • IR drying equipment

In order to save energy the first premise is to get know energy distribution. More than 100 years old tool “Sankey diagram” is easy to understand but unfortunately rarely used.  Sankey diagram is very useful approach how to display energy distribution. Using virtual drying process the effective energy and losses can be easy derived particularly for each grade. The planned changes in machinery equipment are immediately documented by automatically derived Sankey diagram. Virtual machine gives not only all important information from drying process but also difficult part like dewatering in press section makes more transparent.

Derive your virtual machine and let it analyse virtual drying process creating automatically energy Sankey diagram


                                                                          User interface to virtual machine