Simulation is the fastes way to understand complexity of technological processes

Our Competence

The company knowhow is based on 30 years of experience in pulp and paper industry in areas of

  • process control

  • mathematical description of technological processes

  • modeling of technological processes

  • hierarchical structures of production control (mill wide information and control systems)

  • mill water and waste water management

  • efficient control of the balance between steam generation and steam use

The experience shows that the machinery and technology are able to react significantly faster on changes in the production than the control systems do. The danger of overreaction because of long dwelling time leads automatically to long reaction time mostly of all control systems.

CF ProcSim GmbH solves this conflict by simulation. The basic idea is to create a virtual process in order to solve control task in virtual future and afterwards to apply the solution in the real process control system. This solution eliminates dwelling time and speeds up the reaction of control systems enormously maintaining simultaneously product quality.