Process simulation is the most effective way to discover potentials of improvement

Business Area - Coating Machine

Also paper coating as a part of paper technology is extremely energy demanded. The virtual coating machine is a tool to investigate effects of energy applied on coating layer. The coating layer temperature, moisture, evaporation speed, surface closing position, energy to evaporate, all these technological parameters of drying process are simulated and displayed. The coating process becomes more transparent.

Virtual machine simulates energy consumption not only as a function of water evaporation but namely as result of equipment using. High air temperature in air foils enables higher moisture load, which leads to lower volume of fresh air and consequently lower energy consumption to warm it. Exhaust air from IR equipment can be used as energy resource. Open draw area contributes also to drying process, if the ambient air is enough dry.

Particularly in the case of upgrades the virtual machine gives clear image of upgrade results representing performance of new configuration.The upgrade variants can be easy derived and proved. The precision of simulated values is usually in scope of instrumentation accuracy. This tool saves engineering time, decreases risk of guaranty issue and creates an understandable base for project discussions.

Our company CF ProcSim GmbH has developed system for company IRCON AB to generate any coating configuration. Per mouse click in a few minutes the User can assembly not only coating machine using standard equipment library but also coating recipe. The example1, example2 and example3 show a practical application. See also confirmation from company IRCON AB.