Process simulation is the most effective way to discover potentials of improvement

Business Area - Paper Drying

The majority of paper machines were several times upgraded with stress on production increase neglecting heat recuperation area. The application research 3-years project applied to 4 Austrian paper machines was performed by TU Graz and supported with simulation supplied by our company CF ProcSim GmbH (earlier CF consulting Fisera).

 During the project time the big emphasis was placed on accuracy of simulated results.  Theirs precision was usually in the scope of measurement or laboratory method accuracy.  In all cases Project shows significant potential of energy saving up to 6% (References/Publications).

The rigorous (first principle) model of drying process is base for virtual paper machine. This virtual machine was used not only to investigate potentials for energy savings but also for testing of upgrade plans. The simulated results of "upgraded" virtual machine gave very realistic picture about the results after the real machine upgrade. Lenzing Upgrade PM1

The virtual machine connected on line to DCS control system provides user with countless number of soft sensors. The simulated process variables can be directly displayed on operator screens as real measurement. Expensive instrumentations, inaccessible positions or hard ambient conditions can be avoided using virtual process running parallel to real process! This will make process significantly more transparent comparing standard process information. Example1 shows the user interface to the virtual machine and example2 shows the MD profiles of drying simulation. Example3 collects several windows as interface to details of virtual drying process.

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