Process simulation is the most effective way to discover potentials of improvement

Business Area - Pulp Drying

Pulp drying is from technological point of view simple process. The hard part is the exact process control because of long dwelling time and huge energy consumption. The long process dwelling time forces manual mode during production changes. Even relatively small improvements in automatic control represent enormous potential of profit increase.  

The virtual pulp dryer (rigorous model of real dryer) is used on line as a test “equipment” to evaluate results of control steps in order to avoid any deviations in the real process. This enables to increase production, decrease specific energy consumption and significantly reduce generation of broke.

The simulated process is usually very close to measured ones. Of course, the virtual dryer reflects all significant processes, which enables countless amount of soft sensors. Simulated process variables like air moisture in dryer hood, web dryness after press section, web surface temperature in the drying decks and so on can be displayed on operator screens in form of measured value and increase process transparency.

R&D department of Voith Brazil developed a new vertical pulp dryer . The development has been supported from very beginning by our company CF ProcSim GmbH (earlier Consulting Fisera). Together with Voith specialists our company developed drying process simulator enabling to compose any dryer configuration per mouse click in a few minutes using standard equipment library.  The examle1 shows design mode, example2 shows simulation mode. See also confirmation from Company Voith.